A stage for your talents

*English Open Stage Night at Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Gymnasium*

“Where can my thoughts find peace? Do we give love a chance? What is good advice for dating? If we could change someone’s future for the better by caring for them today, wouldn’t we do it?” 

The fully crowded assembly hall of PMHG was transformed into a location of deep thought and entertainment last Thursday, 20 April 2023, when the first “Open Stage Night” took place. Students from grades 5 to 11 contributed to the diverse and multigenre programme the guests were able to enjoy for more than 90 minutes. The contributions included more philosophical literary works like poems and short stories by some students, but also talks, swinging dances and live songs full of verve and emotion.

In plays and sketches, younger students focused on English stereotypes, showed an unusual English lesson, introduced the audience to a restaurant critic or took everyone to the fantasy world of Harry Potter. Hosted by students from year 11, everything was performed live on stage with overwhelming support and feedback from the audience. To round off the English-inspired experience, the guests could help themselves to snacks, an “American” hotdog and a “British” Pimm’s Cup.

Instead of having a foreign language competition, the school’s English department decided to organize an English evening for language-loving students, parents and friends alike. This offered participants the chance to show their talents and perform in English - no matter which variety or language proficiency. The aim was to create an inspiring, relaxed and creative atmosphere without rivalry - and to bring people together. Whereas it surely required a certain amount of self-confidence and passion to perform in front of nearly 200 guests - among parents, teachers and friends, the students’ courage to actually get on stage was met by moved hearts, admiration and delight. (Mel, Mr)